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Prices (EUR) and guarantee


The prices listed below are for informative purposes only.


As every patient has a unique oral status, it’s necessary to make a proper oral and dental examination for being able to construct a personalized treatment plan for you and to make a comprehensive offer containing specific details and exact prices. At the first visit we make mouth-exploration and full state-assessment in every patient. After the examination we make an individual treatment plan in which we list more treatment-alternatives to the patient to give him the possibility to make the best decision both from dental and financial aspect.


The first consultation with our professionals is free of charge.


In case you send us your questions and/or forward your latest panoramic x-ray and medical history we prepare an approximate cost estimate in advance:




Status assessment prices
Consultation FREE!
Panoramic X-ray 35 €
Intraoral X-ray 10 €
Tooth preserving treatment prices  
Light-curing fillings (from single to multiply surface) 65-120 €
Ceramic inlay 240 €
Gold inlay 240 € + goldprice
Root canal treatment (1-2-3 canals) 30-40 €
Root canal filling 70-130 €
Fissure sealing 25 €
Aesthetic dentistry prices  
Porcelain veneer 240 €
Tooth whitening kit for home use (per jaw) 250 €
Tooth whitening at the clinic (per jaw) 300 € (both jaws:500€)
Tooth jewellery 90 €
Dental prosthesis  
Complete denture 500 €
Partial denture (with metal framework) 590 €
Overdenture 1480 €
Metal-ceramic crown 210 €
Zirconium crown 400 €
Gold fused porcelain crown 240 € + goldprice
Temporary crown 28 €
Post and core 100 €
Glass fiber post/core 100 €
Implantology prices  
Implantation with an implant resembling the shape of the original root canal 600 €
Titanium abutment piece 100 €
Zirconium implant (root form) 850 €
Zirconium abutment piece 150 €
Mini-implant (needle implant) 450 €
Bone grafting with membran unique price
Dental hygiene prices  
Oral hygiene counselling FREE!
Ultrasonic scaling (per jaw) 40 €
Polishing (per jaw) 20 €
Parodontological treatment (gingival curette) (per quadrant) 60 €
Oral surgery prices  
Tooth extraction 48-80 €
Surgical extraction of a tooth root/ Surgical tooth removal 80-100 €
Surgical extraction of a third molar 20-150 €
Resection of the root apex 120 €
Sinus closure 120 €
Sinus lift 850 €
Gingivectomy per quadrant 60 €
We offer a full warranty for every procedure performed at the Clinic.
Only excellent materials with quality assurance are used in the clinic. Warranty periods:
Implants: 10 years  
Fillings: 1 year  
Removable prostheses: 1 year  
Fixed prostheses: 2 years  


Warranty conditions:
• regular dental visits at intervals specified by the dentist
• proper oral hygiene

The Guarantee will be reduced or invalidated:
* If oral hygiene is neglected
* If the patient does not have a routine dental check-up and professional cleaning at least once a year
* if the dentists' instructions are not followed
* if removable restorations such as partial or full dentures are not kept and maintained properly
* if gum tissue or bone receeds
* in the event of accidental damage, for example dropping the denture
* If a substantial gain or loss of weight occures
* if there is a general illness occurring that has negative effects on the dental condition (for example diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, condition after x-rays or chemotherapy)

Occasionally teeth suffer preparation trauma during crown and bridgework resulting in the need for root canal treatment afterwards. AbacusDent is not liable for any problem which was not visible on the patient's x-ray, and was not foreseeable or predictable, at the time of treatment.